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General Information

CCGC is not a typical Chinese community church where established families form the core of the congregation.  Instead, her most distinguishing characteristic is testified by the youthful core coworkers consist of mostly recent college graduates and college students, forming the main serving force for the congregation.  More than 50% of the church members are under the age of 30.   Another unique feature of CCGC is her vibrant choir and music team, consisted of mostly SBU students, having been invited to perform at important functions at the University such as the graduation ceremony and 9-11 memorial service.

Fellowship Groups

There are a number of fellowship groups supported by CCGC to the University and communities.  The largest of these fellowship groups is the Chinese Christian Fellowship (CCF) at SBU, sponsored by the Asian Christian Campus Ministry (ACCM)—a ministry of the e-Mission World International.  CCF members actively serve on most all the service teams of CCGC, such as choir, worship service, clean up, and love-feast.

Asian Christian Campus Ministry

The CCGC pastor serves a dual function as campus minister at the Interfaith Center of Stony Brook University.  This function allows CCGC to integrate seamlessly with the Asian Christian Campus Ministry at SBU.  In fact, the pastor’s office is located in Room 249 of Student Union.  And Room 248 is the ACCM student office used by CCF to conduct daily activities.


Under the stewardship of Rev. Huang and Rev. Lin, the CCF offers a variety of activities during the regular school semesters:

  • Daily prayer meetings

  • Weekly small-group Bible studies;

  • Friday fellowship gathering; and

  • Off-campus picnics.

In addition, CCF organizes two major outreach events during the school year:

The CCF Fall Retreat:  the Fall Retreat is usually held at a campsite out-of-state for two and half days during the Columbus holiday weekend.  A guest speaker is invited to deliver messages surround a central topic selected by the CCF Retreat Committee.  Furthermore, many group activities are carefully planned and held during the retreat, including: workshops, group games, group discussion, music worship, and devotion.  Attendees of this retreat have been between 30 and 50 students in the recent years.  Buses are used as the primary transportation.

The CCF Spring Gospel Camp:  this three-day event is usually held at an out-of-state campsite over the Spring break in March.  Similar to the Fall retreat, a guest speaker is invited to deliver evangelical messages surround a central theme picked by the CCF Gospel Camp Committee. Attendees of this retreat have been between 70 and 100 students in the recent years.  Buses are used as the primary transportation.

Easily deceived by her youthful congregation, the ministry partnership between CCGC and ACCM forms an embryonic hotbed that has already trained more than a thousand young Christians and produced numerous church leaders and missionaries during the past ten years.  CCGC now awaits God to choose an even mightier shepherd to grow Lord’s vision here at Stony Brook.

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